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Shaky Worm Head

ShakyBrwnThe secret is out that this is also a highly effective pattern for trophy Bass.

X-Swim Swim Baits

BrnTgrX-Swim Swim Baits

Davis Jigs

DavisJig4Davis Jigs can be fished in grass, heavy cover, rocks, or any jungle where big Bass may hide.


Davis Bait March 2014 Fishing Tournament
Tournament Results Posted!

Top 10:

Boat  # Names   Adult\Child Weight Big Fish
16 Larry Salters Van Davis   21.10 6.13
73 Cory Bain Terry Bain   18.28  
106 Tim Hurst     17.05  
61 Curtis Gossett Zeke Gossett   16.98  
58 Anthony Goggins C J Knight   16.62  
8 Jimmy Potts Jim Vanderworth   15.99  
45 Richard Shaling Ryan Holmes   15.51  
18 Tony Goggins Tom Southern   14.81  
87 B Hollingworth B Hollingworth   14.65  
5 Gary McGrady Jacob Woods X 14.11  

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