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The hottest new bait from William Davis and DAVIS BAIT has arrived, the FISHCO TOPGUN. This new hand crafted, hand painted, custom weighted topwater bait is going to drive big bass wild. The FISHCO TOPGUN when fished over shallow transitions where schooling shad are breaking will draw the big bass in with the flash, surface disturbance and size, HOLD ON!




FISHCO SHALLOW DIVER is a custom built BALSA slim bodied, wide arc lipped crankbait. These baits are custom painted in lifelike pattern to generate flash. The FISHCO SHALLOW DIVER moves in an enticing hunting action to simulate a feeding pattern that bass just can’t resist. This is a 2-3 ft. depth shallow running lure designed to be fished around blow down cover, standing timber and rip-rap banks ricochet of structure, even float up when stopped; its simulation of feeding baitfish is perfect to draw strikes from big bass targeting the schooling shad of fall. The FISHCO SHALLOW DIVER is your go-to crankbait for fishing the near surface bite that is so much fun!


DAVIS BAITS brings back the precision of handcrafted balsa crankbaits in an affordable, more readily available form.  FISHCO MEDIUM DIVER crankbaits are handcrafted using the finest balsa wood and through wire construction with circuit board lips and premium hooks and components that inspire confidence.  FISHCO MD crankbaits are designed to run at 8 – 10 ft. depth, have that super tight wiggle that perfectly mimics the action of a struggling baitfish, especially in colder water. FISHCO MEDIUM DIVER crankbaits are produced in eight vibrant colors and have a retail price of $15.99.


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