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The new Davis Heavy Tungsten weights are the highest quality ever, they are insert free with Diamond Honed inside that does not fray your line, designed and manufactured with bomb-proof chip resistant paint coating, The Davis  Heavy Tungsten is a 50% smaller weight forward / boat-tail shape that penetrates and falls through the densest mat vegetation cover better than ordinary lead bullet shaped weights. Davis Heavy Tungsten deflects much easier therefore, less hand-up, is also much harder than lead, which gives you more feel for the bottom, that means your Texas-rig will be more compact and more able to get through small spaces more easily. With Davis Heavy Tungsten it is easier to feel changes in the bottom, ie. mud, to clay or gravel, or vice-versa. The heavy sizes are specially designed for flipping and pitching,  great for getting a flip bait through thick grass and moss and they excel for Carolina-rig weights. Imagine Carolina-rigging with a one-ounce weight that is the size of a half-ounce brass weight!