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The KINGPIN TOPWATER LURE is all hand crafted from the finest U.S. parts that money can buy. The KINGPIN has the best action of any top water lures we have found and has a unique hand shaved lip that produces a splashing sound like a bait fish feeding. The KINGPIN TOPWATER LURE has a very unique side to side action that just drives big fish crazy. The KINGPIN has a very unique rattle system which attracts fish like no other topwater lure. The hooks are made from VMC® black nickel vanadium steel and the rear hook has a hand tied chicken hackle which gives the KINGPIN a real minnow effect. The paint finish consists of sixteen coats of tough chip resistant paint that is second to none. The KINGPIN TOPWATER LURE is all hand made in the U.S.A. by Americans that take great pride in their work. The KINGPIN TOPWATER LURE is available in seven colors.