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Davis Spinnerbaits

Davis Spinnerbaits

Davis Series Spinnerbaits

The DAVIS SERIES SPINNERBAITS has vibration, and durability like no other spinnerbait has. Most spinnerbaits have durability, and no vibration or vibration without durability. The DAVIS SERIES SPINNERBAITS has both durability, and the highest vibration uses XWIRE technology to achieve this. The sleek compact design of the hidden counterweight of the DAVIS SERIES SPINNERBAITS which makes the perfect balance allows these baits to run true at any speed. The Davis Series Spinnerbait is offered with traditional front Gold Willow Leaf or Gold Colorado bladesfollowed by smaller Nickel Willow blades. Now we are offering the Davis Series Spinnerbaits with Nickel/Nickel combinations as well. They are made with the finest Premium Blades and Components at an affordable price, by Americans that take pride in their work.

Davis XWIRE Series

Davis XWIRE Spinnerbait

The DAVIS XWIRE SPINNERBAIT produces unmatched vibration, while titanium dramatically increases strength, and durability. The XWIRE SPINNERBAIT leverages the same high-quality, time tested design as the ProVibe, and incorporates cutting-edge titanium alloy technology, premium Mustad® Hooks, Sampo Ball Bearing Swivels, and premium blades.

XWIRE Series Spinnerbait

Davis R Nighttime Spinnerbaits

All of the same quality components that make up the DAVIS SERIES, and XWIRE SPINNERBAITS are used on the DAVIS R NIGHTTIME SPINNERBAITS. The special head design will allow the bait to be rolled around in the rock piles, and other shallow cover where the big bass lurk after the sun goes down. The #6 Black Nickel Colorado blade provides the thump that the big bass can't resist after dark.

Davis R Series

Davis Night-Time ROLLER SST Spinnerbaits

He did it again, William has introduced a new Davis Night-Time ROLLER SST  Spinnerbait. The Night-Time ROLLER SST uses the same “Super Strong Taper” that is a Nitinol Super Wire necked down toward the blades so it has that “super thump”, that brings in the bass in that night fishing situation. We use authentic Sampo swivels so the Custom Premium Blades turn, even when you’re slow crawling it! Picture Coming Soon

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This year's 2023 Davis Bait / Slyacauga Marine ATV / ARC of So. Talladega Co BASS Tournament Banquet Photos show that everyone was ready for some really good food and eager to get on the water for some exciting bites. All were there for the people served by The ARC of South Talladega County in this Tournament benefitting The ARC of South Talladega.