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William Davis of Davis Bait Company has more than 33 plus years producing hand crafted bass lures for the fishing industry. A leading innovator and designer of many of the cutting edge products being used by many tour professionals and everyday fisherman across the country; Davis Baits Co. is making our products available to anyone with access to the web. For decades, Davis Bait Co. has believed that the healthy future of today’s youth is their involvement with adult mentors, parents and community. One of the easiest ways for this to be accomplished is through teaching kids to fish and hunt. The sudden proliferation of today’s high school and college bass fishing teams is the new explosive growth of this fine sport.

We at Davis Bait Company are proud to be a part of this growth. Local high schools, colleges and universities bass teams and clubs are the fastest way to promote this growth. Our new ecommerce website, davisbait.com, now makes it possible for us to offer sponsorship to every high school, college and university Bass Fishing Team member in the country. Davis Bait Company will provide a 40% discount on orders to any qualified Educational Bass Team from August 1st through June 1st of the school year, using the supplied Coupon Code. 

This year you can register for the 2023 Davis Bait / Sylacauga Marine Bass Tournament benefitting

The ARC of South Talladega ONLINE, simply  click-on the following link - 

https://linktr.ee/Sylacaugamarine . Jennifer from Sylacauga asks thst youcomplete this form, you

should get your boat number then, if you do not, please text  her and she will give a call to